Host a My Pure Pleasure Party

40% to 55% Buying Discount
Company Paid Hostess Rewards!
NO Activation Period
NO Monthly Minimum to Earn Commission
40% Commission on Website Sales!


Override Bonus

Business Model

Override Bonus
Are you ready...To start living your life by design, not by default? To take control of financial stress? To stop juggling the impossible demands of work and family life? To start living an extraordinary lifestyle that others only dream of?

Now you can!...It's all possible with My Pure Pleasure!
Why join My Pure Pleasure? The My Pure Pleasure Difference!

With our exciting and financially rewarding incentives, it is up to you to set your own goals and decide how much you want to earn.
As a My Pure Pleasure Consultant, you have the luxury of writing your own paycheck and having a great time in the process. Each party you hold and product you sell earns you a percentage of the sales...that's money in your pocket immediately. The best part is, as your buying discount increases, so does your profit...which helps you fulfill your dreams even faster. With hard work, support and mentorship, these increases come as you build your team of Consultants focused on achieving their dreams.

Buying Discounts up to 55%
My Pure Pleasure offers you the best of both worlds. With 3 Business Models to choose from, you will have the option to select the one that's right for you. Your base buying discount for all Models is 40%, with additional buying discounts up to 55%, for those who decide to carry inventory (cash and carry items). Please review the Business Model Page for further details and discount information.

Sponsor Bonus:  Earn a $25 Cash Bonus for each personally sponsored new Consultant who purchases a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Presentation Kit.  Coach your new Team Member to success, and when they achieve all 4 Fast Track Awards, we will Double Your Sponsor Bonus! Now that is a "Win/Win"!

Fast Track Awards:  The Fast Track Achievement Awards are offered during your first three full calendar months in the business. This program will help you set realistic, attainable goals, and assist you in developing the necessary skills and practices essential for long-term success. You are eligible to earn one, two, three, or all four awards for a combination of Cash Bonuses and Free Products!

Milestone Bonus:  Earn up to $17,200 in bonuses as you climb the ladder of success. View our Milestone Bonus Chart.

Free Product Rewards:  Each month you can earn Free Products which equal 100% Profit.  View our Product Rewards Chart.

Triple Play Bonus:  Hold 3 Parties in 3 Days and earn up to a total of $250 CASH!

Start earning bonus from your 1st Team Member!
When you build your team, your income potential grows, making true financial freedom a reality for you.  You will be compensated in the form of an Override Bonus based on team members' sales. The more successful your team becomes, the more money you will earn!

You will begin earning an Override Bonus with your very first Active Consultant. Simply reach your required monthly retail sales goals and enjoy the rewards. Each Consultant you bring into the business is like giving yourself a raise. You achieve higher rewards when you help others achieve their dreams!

Many My Pure Pleasure Consultants receive thousands of dollars each month in Override Bonuses simply by supporting their downline.  Take advantage of all My Pure Pleasure has to offer, and you can be one of them!

Need help building your team?.....No Problem!
My Pure Pleasure also offers additional ways for you to recruit and build your team. When you participate in a Corporate event such as a Trade Show, Community Event, or one of our The Ultimate Opportunity - Own Your Dream Events, we will help you recruit. Consultants recruited at these events will count as your 1st Level Personally Sponsored Recruits and you will receive full credit for them, including your Sponsor Bonus and Level 1 override.
Position Personal Monthly Retail Sales 1st Level
Override Payout Retail Buying Discount
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Consultant $0 40%
Active Consultant $50
60-Day Rolling
Senior Consultant $800 1 - 4 2% 40%
Executive $1,000 5 - 9 2% 1% 40%
Senior Executive $1,200 10 - 14 3% 1% 40%
Director $1,500 15 - 19 3% 2% 40%
Executive Director $1,800 20 - 24 3% 2% 1% 40%
Diamond Director $2,000 25 - 29 4% 2% 1% 40%
Platinum Director $2,200 30 - 34 4% 3% 2% 40%
National Director / VIPP $2,500 35+ 5% 3% 2% 1% 40%
*Click to view our complete Compensation and Override Chart
Become an Active Consultant from day one! MY PURE PLEASURE currently does not have an activation period!  Upon joining, you will immediately begin earning 40% to 55% commission!  JOIN NOW and become a part of the My Pure Pleasure Family!

FAQ:  What if I need to take an extended leave from my business?

ANSWER:  You can place your status at the Consultant level and still purchase products at a 40% courtesy discount.  This will also provide YOU the ultimate protection for YOUR business.  If you are at the Consultant level, you WILL NOT lose your team and downline which you have worked hard to build.