Host a My Pure Pleasure Party

with Hostess Rewards up to 20%
My Pure Pleasure is one of the very few companies in the industry to offer FREE Company Paid Hostess Rewards to all of our Consultants. With our outstanding rewards programs, you can concentrate on making money and not have to worry about how much your Hostess Rewards will cost you. With other companies, paying for your hostess rewards can substantially reduce your income by up to 10% or more, depending on their program requirements.

My Pure Pleasure understands that one of the major keys to your success is a "Happy Hostess".  Many Hostess programs offer their Hostesses 10% credit, while at My Pure Pleasure we offer up to 20% credit, which the Hostess can spend on most anything she would like. We also offer the Hostess half (1/2) price items, certificates for FREE product credit for parties booked from her party, Hostess exclusive items and monthly special incentives designed to enhance your success.

Our extremely generous Company Paid Hostess Rewards Program makes it easy for you to keep your party calendar full, and have a "Happy Hostess" who will be sure to spread the word on the fun they had with their My Pure Pleasure FREE Shopping Spree!!
Hostess Rewards

Need to make a

little extra money?

YOU can host your own party
and YOU reap the rewards!
Piggy Bank

The Higher the Rewards - The Happier the Hostess
- The More You Earn!

My Pure Pleasure will cover the cost of:

• Up to 20% Hostess Credit on a qualifying party (see rewards chart)

Hostess Half (1/2) Price Items

Booking Certificates for Free Product Credit

Hostess Specials for a qualifying party (Example:  Host a $500 Party in the Month of June and get a Free Platinum Butterfly Kiss - A $39 value!)

Hostess Exclusive items they can earn and/or purchase at a discounted price

Consultant Earnings Comparison
Table is based on industry averages
Average $500 Party My Pure Pleasure Competitors
Consultant Buying Discount  40% 35%  /  40%
Cost to you to Fill Orders  $300 $325  /  $300
Hostess Rewards - 15% $75 $75
Booking Certificate at Party $5 per Party Booked $5 if offered
Cost to you for Hostess Rewards FREE $49  /  $45
Cost to you for Booking Certificates FREE $5
Your Profit per Party  $200 $121  /  $150
x 8 Parties / Month  $1,600 $968  /  $1,200
*Earnings per Year $19,200 $11,616  /  $14,400
EARN appx. $500 more per month as a My Pure Pleasure Consultant
EARN appx. $6,000 more per year as a My Pure Pleasure Consultant
*Additional benefits from My Pure Pleasure such as Free Credit Card Processing, Free Product Rewards, NO Shipping Costs to you, NO products to stock, and more, will save you even MORE MONEY every month!  Too many great rewards to mention on this chart!
*Average earnings per year are before any additional bonuses and rewards