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  Communication   Marketing  
   Communication    Marketing  
  Communication if the key component in any business. My Pure Pleasure will make sure you are kept up to date on what's new, important and everything in between. With our cutting edge technology and many avenues of communication, you will always have valuable information at your fingertips.   Most new business owners have to worry about expensive marketing materials and website design to promote their new endeavor, but not you.  We've done the work for you! My Pure Pleasure has all your professional marketing materials designed and ready to use, along with your own personalized website.  
  Network of Support  
Training & Education
  Network of Support Training & Education  
  My Pure Pleasure provides you with support you can count on. As a Consultant, you join a network of successful entrepreneurs from across the country who share their passion and enthusiasm for the business. Your Sponsor, other Consultants and the My Pure Pleasure Corporate Office are all here to help you succeed.   My Pure Pleasure is committed to providing you with the training and education you need to be successful. With our carefully designed blueprint for success, our comprehensive training program, and a Registered Nurse / Certified Health Education Specialist on our staff, you will have the knowledge and confidence needed to grow and prosper in your business.  
Party Booking Party Options
   Party Booking    Party Options  
  With the popularity of My Pure Pleasure Parties, the demand for our products, and our amazing Company Paid Hostess Rewards and incentives program, it makes it easy for you to book and keep your party calendar full. As a bonus, all Active Consultants are eligible to receive corporate party leads.
As an Independent Consultant, you will have the option of presenting the types of parties you are comfortable with. Whether you decide to hold Ladies Only or also offer Couples and Co-ed Parties, My Pure Pleasure will train you on the best way to make your parties a success.  
Business Models Our Community
  Business Model   Business Model  
  My Pure Pleasure offers you the best of both worlds! With 3 Business Models to choose from, you decide if you want to carry inventory to your parties. Please review the Business Model Page for further details and discount information.   Our Community is a private social networking site exclusively for My Pure Pleasure Consultants to interact with each other, ask questions, swap ideas and information, share success stories, and more! Special features are available for Teams.